Tips Of Brushes, Blades of Arrows Chapter 1: Boy With The Bread, a hunger games fanfic - FanFiction.

Peeta's POV, follow this choose your own adventure story of love, loss, and determination. Be in Peeta's mind through the games. I won't stay completely true, gotta mix it up somehow. But it's mature rating is not to be taken lightly. Peeta/Katniss

I come with Icons!

So it's been a while since I've made any icons and finally today I decided to get off my bootay and make some, there's more too come too!

Always remember that I DO take requests, if you want it in a different font, with a different image, or a different phrase, or all of the above, I can do it, you just ask. ^^

You all are free to use, just please give me credit.


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Thank you all!!!!


Speed Racer Review

Alright guys it took me a while to get this out but finally I got some time!

Speed Racer was amazing, I saw it on Friday and damn... That movie just blew my mind.

The childhood back draw was too cute and awesome fer werds. There really weren't many times when I wasn't laughing... Or staring at the screen like it was the next pair of juicy... Ya. It was that amazing.

Now if yer ready fer spoilers <lj-cut text="click here">

The color, the action was AMAZING, the racing was amazing! And I'm SO glad they threw in an old rival, Snake Oiler. I didn't expect him there, nor the Car Acrobatic Team. But they were both much appreciated by me. ^^

Now as far as comedy goes I had a few scenes I really wanted to point out:

1. The matching pajamas fer Spritle and Chim Chim was too hilariously cute.

2. The scene where young Speed is imagining driving through the finish line and it zooms out to normal and he's sitting in the middle of class, making this weird sound (Suppose to be the crowd cheering, I guess). That was too funny.

3. And lastly, but not in the least, the scene where Spritle goes Kung Fu on the Ninja that came in to attack Speed and they go all Matrix... I really couldn't stop laughing. ^^;

Not only was the movie so funny my cheeks hurt by the end of it, it was very action packed, very fast, and very 1966 Mach Go Go, anyone that grew up with this show will love the movie, it really holds true.

Lots of races, lots of action and those random times when Spritle does a bad (yet good, cuz it comes through in the end anyways) thing and sneaks into somewhere he's not suppose to be.

There were a few things they changed, like who added in all the special stuff with the Mach 5. They changed that. And Racer X having his face re-structured, excuse me but, I don't remember that being in the anime. No complaints though, it fit well. ^^ And the Mach 6. (STILL not complaining, it was hot. >>)

Sparky, the actor who played him, was a LIL too old, okay, a lotta bit old. But ya, he wasn't that big anyways.

I also really loved that you get the vibe from the movie, just as the cartoon is ALL about, that drinking and smoking are BAD. There was I think ONE mention of alcohol, they called it "bubbly". And no smoking, I don't think. I'm going back again this Friday so I'll keep my eye out this time. ^_~

The casting was perfect.
John Goodman was perfect!
Christina Ricci was PERFECT.
Emile Hirsch was more then perfect, MORE then perfect, there is no other that would make a better Speed.

As fer Racer X, still top "damaged boy", he was a good angst character, like Robin in Batman Forever sorta. (I love Robin, btw)

Still I will always love Speed more, sorry Rex. XP

And omg, I couldn't believe that at some point near the end Speed was actually wearing the OLD original Speed outfit.

Now how perfect is that?

Also my friend said that at some point right at the end he did the traditional pose. I didn't see this, but I will be sure to look for it this Friday.


Fer all those Trixie and Speed fans, there was a fair bit of romance in the movie, just so not ALL of us think he's a lil gay. (Don't look a me... *whistles and walks away*)


This movie is perfect, if there was higher then A+, Speed Racer would have that rating from me.

So if you haven't seen it, go see it. And love it.

I'm buying it once it domes out on DVD, and I'll have it on replay all day. >>

Speed Racer = A+


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What Do You Have To Say? - Writing: Makes Me A Better Writer

What's been your biggest influence in making you a better writer?
My biggest influence in making myself a better writer... Possibly feedback. I love good feedback. I like to hear what others have to say about my werk. The more they respond positively, the better I want to be at writing.
I love inspiring others, and in doing that, I inspire myself.
My influence in making myself a better writer is the greater outcome, the fans that swoon over my writing. Who could honestly not want to get better because of that?

Lots of shit!

Well guys, it's been a while since I updated hasn't it?

K so this is what happened, lol.
Apparently my mom's card didn't go through paying the next year's bill.
And it took them TWO WHOLE MONTHS to realize that...

So they disabled my site, as some of you may have noticed. XD
Then I talked to my mom and was going to enable the site and pay fer it with my OWN Credit Card, but I lost it. Lol.

I had went to ICING in the Mall about a week ago, last Friday. And purchased a Wallet from there and put my cards in it, and then after a day I realized that I didn't like the wallet at all, so I returned it.
Turns out I had hidden my card in one of the pockets of it and DIDN'T notice.

So I went to ICING today on my break, hoping that the card was still in there and that the wallet wasn't already sold again.
Found the wallet, sifted through it and VIOLA! My card. ^_^
So come home, go to get on the site to pay fer my acc and the site is down...
But now it's up and I've payed fer my site, so everything is cool. XD

Also about further updates and changes to the site:
Alright so my new computer has NO GOOD PAINTING PROGRAM. Such as Adobe Photoshop Elements.
The closest it has is Paint. -__-
So it'll be a while fer any updates, when I can get Adobe on here.
Also I have no printer/scanner either. Which means no new pics on DeviantArt. -__-
But I can still write fics and make music videos!
I will be purchasing a printer/scanner asap, as well as some paint program.

Alright so now that you all have been clued in; here is the new stuff that I have planned FIC wise!
Most of you here on my site read Brand New Love...
I know that was a big hit way back when it came out... But guess what...

KaKaVegeGurl is planning a RE-WRITE!

No joke, I have actually already began on the process!

As fer the ones who are here Harry Potter wise...
I'm also planning a re-write of my biggest fic to this day...

Can you say... Miracle?
No joke once again... I am werking on re-writing Miracle!
Including the scenes where Draco and Harry had to share the room together.
Better plot, slower ending, and the relationship will not start too fast.

Hmm what else do i have up my sleeve? *peers in sleeve*

Ah yes!

Plans to Revise Take My Breath Away.
Plans to Revise Under Any Circumstances.
*mumbles*Fanfic where Draco gets split into two people...*mumbles*
Naruto slash drabbles...
A Poke'mon fic er two...

Pic wise I have a few things planned/drawn... Fer those of you that actually LOOK at my art. XD
*sifts through sketch book*
Amar in her lvl 70 outfit.
Chouji sketch... Shikamaru sketch.
Oh yeh and I have a lil comic of Harry Potter fer you DA guys!
A pic of Draco from 'Listen To Your Heart'...
Another pic of him from LTYH...
Me... Writing... In chibi form. ^_^
Maybe some scenes from Deathly Hallows... And other various fics of mine.

If any of you want me to draw any scenes from my fics, do ask, or even from Deathly Hallows!
Or if you have any fic suggestions or MV suggestions...

Oh yeh, mvs!
Here's what I have planned mv wise...
KaKaVegeGurl Mv Mix V and VI are both currently in making.
Naruto Character Themes Take 2 dattebayo!
An MV Dedicated to those heroes that have hardships, and go through
so much and are still able to do what they do best.
And maybe The Verve, Bittersweet Symphony... HP style...

Alright and now fer the usual, fic list!

Fanfiction list:
1. I Will Carry You
2. Under Any Circumstances
3. You Don't See Me
4. My Happy Ending
5. I Love You More
6. Fallen
7. Because Of You
8. Forgive Me
9. Watching The Rain
10. Not Enough
11. Take My Breath Away
12. How Does It Feel RE-VAMP
13. What You Like
14. The War Between Wizards And Warriors
15. The First Cut Is The Deepest
16. Reckoning
17. Naked
18. Listen To Your Heart
19. Rain Down
20. Don't Wanna Think About You

To Do List:

1. Werk - number one time consumer lately...
2. Re-Vamped UAC - Will be werked on some time. Unplanned release date.
3. The War Between Wizards and Warriors - Has been moved back and will be taken off this list.
4. Amv Mix 5 on YouTube - Whenever possible.
5. I Will Carry You Chapter 3 - Very, very soon!
6. Printer/Scanner - Hopefully soon!

Alright guys I gtg, it's storming and raining. T_T Stupid Florida.

Have a nice steaming cup of yaoi everyone!

My DeviantArt Page.
My Page.
My YouTube Page.
My Y!Gallery Page.
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I'm 19!!!!

Ya today's my birthday. ^_^ S'all I really wanted to say. Alright bye. XD

Have a nice steaming cup of yaoi everyone!
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OOTP and my birthday

Alright, So my opinion on OOTP. And I've got a LOT to say.
I saw it at 7 last night, I thought it was fairly good fer a cut and shortened messed up version of the book.
That's my personal opinion.
Tonks could've been better, it is REALLY easy to chop yer hair to look like hers, it really is. *I mean book Tonks of course*
But other then that she was cool ^^ I liked the whole "Don't call me Nymphadora" part, that was tight. And she was slipping many winks to Harry... Then again... So was Sirius. O.O
Alright, so Voldemort in a suit was just fucked, I cracked up so badly just at that.
I did, however, love the part when Ron stood up fer Harry in the Commons, angry Ron is just sexy. *drool*
Hermione is even MORE motherly in this movie then in the last one... It's really getting scary.
Grawp's nose made me cry. T_T
Draco's role was so short... It pissed me off beyond belief. Hell, Crabbe and Goyle had bigger roles then him. *Hopefully he'll make it better in six* BUT did anyone ELSE notice that he IS now a WHOLE HEAD taller then Dan? Ha ha ha. Harry Potter has finally established himself as Uke.
Alright, one BIG complaint... Where did Quidditch go? I mean REALLY. I was looking forward to George and Harry whooping Draco's ass. And no one ever bothered to call him Ferret... Not once.
Dudley was fairly good, I liked him. ^_^ And they still kept that "Who's Cedric, yer boyfriend?" part, a lot of the theater cracked up. And some girl was all... "woo hoo hoo" lol.
What else, what else...
Ya Sirius' death... Not dramatic enough. AT ALL. I wanted to HEAR Harry screaming... Not see. LOL. But it was sad, and it looked cheesy.
And all the moves every Death Eater, Dumbledore, and Voldemort did so defied the laws of J. K.. All the moves were practically made up, and no voices. No "Imperium-blah-blah-blah". NOTHING. Not a single vocal cast. It was lame. But ya, still good.
And Dumbledore's move with Fawks was so tight.
Hmm what else...?
Oh yes, Luna. I LOVED Luna, I simply ADORED her. She was just fucking awesome, and some major hinting to her and Harry. XD It was cute. *Oh yah Harry, bang the looney chick* //wasn'treallyjoking//
Umbridge was completely hate-able, tho the pen thing was SO over-exaggerated... It was only suppose to be happening to Harry, not every student...
Lucius' suit at the end was tight. XD
And Luna getting knocked across the face... ZOMG.
OH, and the smack Umbridge handed Harry, WHOO. Wtf was with that? The entire theater was all, "OOooooo", lol.
They were a good crowd.
All in all it was a fair movie, I didn't absolutely hate it, but I wouldn't prefer it over the book.
Good movie.
Go see it if you haven't.

As fer my birthday, 2 days baby, 2 days.

Have a nice steaming cup of yaoi everyone!
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I got a job! I passed my GED! Hit lvl 70 on Maple!

Alright! It's been a while since I've written in here!
Or even done a slightly serious update on my site, I'm sorry guys!

Things have been a bit scrabbled lately, what with my boyfriend, job, my GED, and getting a new computer and all.
Let me fill you all in! XD

First off, I'm not alone anymore. Let us all hope that this relationship werks.
I'll admit, I'm a bit worried, but there's no sense half-assing in love.
So I am giving it my all. He deserves a chance like the ones before. ^_^

Second, my job is getting in the way of a lot of things but I'm trying...

Third, I took the written part of my GED over again because I failed it the first time. ^_^;
Gimme a break, I haven't been properly schooled in like 3 years!
But anyways! Results came in and I passed!
They gave me a Highschool Diploma, so that's neat. It satisfies me.

Fourth! MY NEW COMPUTER! Yes, I'm typing on it RIGHT now! I love it.
It's got a great writing program so fanfics WILL be getting werked on, I hope...
I'm sorry it's taken a while to do any of this, my apologies.
But I really do plan on getting to werk on things, I don't want to pull a B-Chan... I'm sure you've all been to her site right?

Anyways so guys, here's the To Do List!

To Do List:

1. New layout - I didn't like the old one so the New Layout may not even be coming out, or just way-way later. Tho I am getting tired of this layout, any suggestions?
2. Re-Vamped UAC - Will be werked on some time. Unplanned release date.
3. The War Between Wizards and Warriors - Uhhh, not sure!
4. Amv Mix 4 on YouTube - Whenever possible.

Fanfiction list:

1. The War Between Wizards And Warriors
2. Listen To Your Heart
3. Rain Down
4. Have You Ever
5. Don't Wanna Think About You
6. I Will Carry You
7. Under Any Circumstances
8. You Don't See Me
9. My Happy Ending
10. I Love You More
11. Fallen
12. Because Of You
13. Forgive Me
14. Watching The Rain
15. Not Enough
16. Take My Breath Away
17. How Does It Feel RE-VAMP
18. What You Like
19. The First Cut Is The Deepest
20. Reckoning
21. Naked

Oh also since I been gettin' into Naruto lately...
There may be a Naruto section coming out some time soon!

Oh yah one more thing!


Alright yah, had to say that!
Look forward to more updates everyone! Thank you all!
Have a nice steaming cup of yaoi everyone!

6 Days!


Finally got some form of a Word thing to write and update my fanfics!

I will try to get to werk on them asap. Unfortunately now I have a job. XD

I'll dedicate some time a day to try and get out AT LEAST a chapter of one of my fanfics.
Maybe use the weekends to get out 3 or 4 a day. XD
But hey, at least I can do something now!

I'll also try and cram some time to werk on my layout. Though that is WAY delayed.
I'm pretty positive that you all want fanfics more?

To Do List:

1. New layout - Being werked on piece by piece.
2. Re-Vamped UAC - Finally being werked on again. Unplanned release date.
3. Reckoning Chapter 3 - Hopefully get some time either tonight or tomorrow.
4. Gain lvl 66 - Today or tomorrow. XD
5. Amv Mix 4 on YouTube - Whenever possible.

Fanfiction list:

1. Reckoning
2. Naked
3. The War Between Wizards And Warriors
4. Listen To Your Heart
5. Rain Down
6. Have You Ever
7. Don't Wanna Think About You
8. I Will Carry You
9. Under Any Circumstances
10. You Don't See Me
11. My Happy Ending
12. I Love You More
13. Fallen
14. Because Of You
15. Forgive Me
16. Watching The Rain
17. Not Enough
18. Take My Breath Away
19. How Does It Feel RE-VAMP
20. What You Like
21. The First Cut Is The Deepest

Yay fer new Werd programs!
Thank you all fer waiting! Expect chapters to be popping out like popcorn!

Have a nice steaming cup of yaoi everyone!
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WordPerfect 10... -__-

Alright Rebooted the computer and lost something BIG.

T'was the last thing I thought I was going to lose...
WordPerfect 10.

What I use to write my fanfics...

So all fanfics are on a current hiatus until I can find the disk.
It didn't lose Adobe, or hell, even MAPLE.
But WordPerfect 10...
That was the last thing I thought I would lose...

This sucks SO bad... *crawls into hole*

To Do List:

1. New layout - Currently being werked on atm! ^_^
2. Re-Vamped UAC - Still being werked on. Unplanned release date.
3. Reckoning Chapter 3 - On hiatus until I get WordPerfect 10 disk.
4. 6000+ pic fer my DA acc - VERY soon.
5. 1st year anniversary pic fer me and LS being friends - Soon.
6. Gain lvl 63 - Today.
7. Amv Mix 4 on YouTube - Whenever possible.

Fanfiction list:

1. Reckoning
2. Naked
3. The War Between Wizards And Warriors
4. Listen To Your Heart
5. Rain Down
6. Have You Ever
7. Don't Wanna Think About You
8. I Will Carry You
9. Under Any Circumstances
10. You Don't See Me
11. My Happy Ending
12. I Love You More
13. Fallen
14. Because Of You
15. Forgive Me
16. Watching The Rain
17. Not Enough
18. Take My Breath Away
19. How Does It Feel RE-VAMP
20. What You Like
21. The First Cut Is The Deepest

I'm very sorry guys! I will be looking ALL over my house fer that disk!
I'll update you all on how it goes asap!

Have a nice steaming cup of yaoi everyone!
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